All Day Breakfast
Served with tea or coffee, two slice of bread or toast.
Traditional Breakfast£5.00Add +egg, bacon, sausage, chips, beans
New Early Starter£5.30Add +scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, 2 hash browns, tin tomatoes, beans
Omelette Breakfast£5.30Add +cheese, omelettes, beans, tomatoes, 2 hash browns
Brunch Breakfast£5.90Add +2 eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans
Olympic Breakfast£6.30Add +2 eggs, 2 sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, bubble, squeak
Tilbury Special Breakfast£6.50Add +2 eggs, 2 sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, black pudding
Veg 1£4.80Add +bubble & squeak, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, grilled tomato, beans
Veg 2£5.30Add +egg, veg sausage, beans, chips, grilled tomato, mushrooms
Make Your Own Breakfast£1.00Add +Add any item for £1 each
On Toast
2 Egg on Two Slices of Toast£2.60Add +
2 Poached Egg on Two Slices of Toast£2.60Add +
2 Scrambled Egg on Two Slices of Toast£2.60Add +
Beans on Two Slices of Toast£2.60Add +
Cheese on Two Slices of Toast£2.60Add +
Jam or Marmalade or Honey on Toast£1.10Add +
All served with chips or salad
Plain£4.20Add +
Ham, Cheese, Onion£5.10Add +
Cheese£4.50Add +
Mushroom£4.50Add +
Bacon£4.60Add +
Spanish£5.10Add +onion, mushroom, cheese, peas & tomato
Mix Omelette£5.10Add +garlic sausage, mushroom, cheddar cheese & tomato
Omelette Alla Turca£5.10Add +feta cheese, tomato, fresh parsley and olives
Any Added Extras£0.90Add +
Jacket Potatoes
Served with salad.
Plain Jacket Potato£2.50Add +
Jacket Potato with Cheese & Beans£3.80Add +
Jacket Potato with Tuna, Mayo & Sweetcorn£4.00Add +
Extra Toppings£0.90Add +
Fried Egg£2.50Add +
Bacon£2.50Add +
Sausage£2.50Add +
Ham£2.50Add +
Tuna & Mayo£2.50Add +
Cheese£2.50Add +
Cheese & Pickle£2.50Add +
BLT£2.50Add +
Double Decker£3.50Add +egg, bacon, sausage
Egg, Bacon & Cheese£3.50Add +
Tuna & Cheese Melt£3.50Add +
Sweet Peppers, Tomato, Mushroom, Cheese£3.50Add +
Any Added Extras£0.50Add +
All served with chips.
Quarter Pounder£3.30Add +with cooked onions
Half Pounder£4.40Add +
Egg Burger£3.60Add +
Bacon Burger£4.00Add +
Our tomato sauce is made with from the freshest ingredients, tomato, onions, garlic, celery, carrots and sweet peppers with olive oil. We are happy to combine any pasta with any sauce.
Pollo Creme£5.50Add +Spaghetti with chicken, mushroom in a creamy sauce
Penne Arrabiata (Vegetarian)£5.00Add +Penne with home made spicy tomato sauce
Penne Feta£5.00Add +Penne with feta cheese, tomato herbs cooked with olive oil
Spaghetti Amatriciana£5.50Add +with a bacon, garlic, chilli, tomato sauce
Spaghetti Bolognese£5.50Add +with minced beef, herbs & rich tomato sauce
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara£5.50Add +Bacon, mushroom in a creamy sauce
Marinara£6.00Add +Mix seafood with garlic, white wine, tomato sauce & herbs
Spaghetti Salmon & Prawns£6.95Add +with cream & tomato sauce
Lasagne, Chips & Salad£5.50Add +
Chicken Breast£5.90Add +Breast of chicken marinated with special garlic sauce, served with rice and salad
Chicken Kebab£5.80Add +Marinated cubes of chicken cooked on grill, served with rice, salad and pitta bread
Lamb Chops£6.40Add +Served with chips and peas
Pork Chops£6.40Add +Served with chips and peas
Gammon Steak£5.50Add +Served with egg, chips and peas
Bacon, Liver & Chips£5.90Add +Served with mashed potato, onion and peas
Chicken & Rice£5.95Add +Chicken and broccoli cooked in the pan with rice
Mix Vegetables & Rice£5.95Add +Mixed vegetables cooked in the pan with rice
Mix Salad£3.00Add +Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, sweet pepper & parsley
Greek Salad£4.90Add +Mix salad, grilled halloumi, feta cheese, olives & olive oil
Caesar Salad£5.00Add +Mix salad, crouton, parmesan, caesar salad dressing with fresh grilled chicken or bacon
Tuna Salad£4.80Add +Tuna, mayo & sweet corn with mix salad, mix peppers, red onion & salad dressing
Prawn Cocktail Salad£5.00Add +Prawns topped with seafood sauce on a bed of fresh mix salad
Carrot Cake£2.40Add +
Chocolate Fudge Cake£2.40Add +
Apple Crumble Custard£2.50Add +
Muffin / Cookies£1.00Add +
Soft Drinks
Orange juice£1.00Add +
Apple Juice£1.00Add +
Ribena£1.00Add +
Fizzy Drinks (Cans)£1.00Add +
Milkshakes£1.50Add +
Bottled Still Water£1.00Add +
Coffee£1.30Add +
Decaf Coffee£1.30Add +
Espresso£1.30Add +
Macchiato£1.30Add +
Cappucino£1.30Add +
Cafe Latte£1.30Add +
Moccha£1.30Add +
Hot Chocolate£1.30Add +
Tea£1.00Add +
Selection of Herbal Teas£1.00Add +
Kids Menu
Egg, Chips and Beans£3.00Add +
Scramble Egg, Sausage and Chips£3.00Add +
Chicken Nuggets and Chips£3.00Add +
Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce with Cheese on top£3.00Add +
Wines & Beers
Peroni£2.50Add +
Budweiser£2.50Add +
Efes£2.50Add +
House White£2.50Add +
House Red£2.50Add +